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E.Yu. Yuzbasheva, T.V. Yuzbashev, E.B. Mostova, N.I. Perkovskaya, and S.P. SineokiiMicrobial Synthesis of Biodiesel and its Prospects8-23
M.A. Ershler, and N.I. OlovnikovaProduction of Monoclonal Antibodies of IgM Type in DG44 Cells24-34
I.А. Puchkov, D.I. Bairamashvili, I.V. Miagkikh, and V.I. ShvetsPegylated Recombinant Granulocyte Colony-Stimulating Factor with Prolonged Mechanism of Action: a New Scheme for Active Pharmaceutical Substance Production35-50
A.V. Timofeeva, M.V. Ilyina, L.P. Terekhova, L.A. Baratova, and G.S. KatrukhaPreparation and Investigation of Antibacterial Activity of Taunit-Antibiotic Complexes against Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and Escherichia coli51-56
V.V. Biriukov, N.V. Maltsevskaya, and P.P. MakeevA Two-Frequency Micro-Pulse Lighting during Cultivation of Phototrophic Microorganisms57-61
D.A. Filatov, L.I. Svarovskaya, L.K. Altunina, V.Yu. Selyavskii, and S.A. ShimanskiiUtilization of Radioactive Waste Oils using a Method of Biotechnology62-68
K.A. Ivanov, D.A. Ivanov, and A.P. RudenkoMass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Bioreactors with Helicoid Type Rotors69-73
V.V. Bunin, and V.D. IvchenkoMonitoring of Сells Weighted Average Size during Cultivation from their Hydrodynamic Orientation74-79
S.S. Kamanin, V.A. Arlyapov, T.V. Rogova, and A.N. ReshetilovModified Screen-Printed Electrodes based on Novel Organosilicon Sol-Gel Matrix-Immobilized Glucose Oxidase for Glucose Detection80-87


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