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А.L. KravtsovImprovement of Infectious Disease Diagnostics by Pulse-Flow Cytometric Technique8-23
N.B. Bavykina, and S.P. SineokiiProblems in Design of Normative Documents for Ensuring Safe Industrial Use of Microbial Genetic Resources24-33
A.M. Agranovich, and S.P. SineokiiProblems in Harmonization of the Legal Base in the Field of Patent Deposit of Microorganisms in the EvrAzES Countries34-38
E.N. Kosobokova, K.A. Skrypnik, M.V. Pinugina, A.I. Shcherbakov, and V.S. KosorukovOptimization of Refolding of Recombinant Human Granulocyte-Macrophage Colony-Stimulating Factor (rhGM-CSF) Immobilized on Affinity Sorbent39-46
L.H. Melkonyan, A.A. Hambardzumyan, G.E. Avetisova, A.Kh. Chakhalyan, and A.S. SaghiyanCharacteristics of Material and Energy Balance of L-Alanine Biosynthesis by Brevibacterium flavum47-50
E.Yu. Rudenko, V.V. Bakharev, and P.A. ChaldaevRemediation of Oil-Polluted Soil using Brewery Wastes51-57
A.V. Chekushina, G.S. Dotsenko, E.G. Kondratieva, and A.P. SinitsynComponent Composition of Commercial Enzyme Preparations Designed for the Bioconversion of Plant Raw Materials and Obtained using Trichoderma Fungi Genus58-68
A.V. Chekushina, G.S. Dotsenko, E.G. Kondratieva, and A.P. SinitsynEnzyme Preparations from Penicillium verruculosum for Bioconversion of Plant Raw Materials is an Alternative to Commercial Preparations Obtained using Trichoderma Fungi Species69-80
A.V. Panferova, A.Yu. Kol'tsov, S.Zh. Tsybanov, P.A. Krasochko, and D.V. KolbasovDevelopment of Real Time RT-PCR to Identify Bluetongue Serotype 14 Virus81-85
O.Yu. Limanskaya, L.A. Murtazaeva, S. Klee, and A.P. LimanskiiMolecular Technologies for Detection of Anthrax Causative Agent by PCR of Different Formats86-96


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