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D.V. DebabovAntibiotic Resistance: Origins, Mechanisms, Approaches to Counter7-17
I.V. Tarasenko, A.I. Taranov, A.P. Firsov, and S.V. DolgovExpression of the Nucleotide Sequence for the M2e Peptide of Avian Influenza Virus in Tobacco Transgenic Plants18-25
K.V. Lavrov, G.A. Larikova, and A.S. YanenkoA Novel Biocatalytic Process of N-Sub¬stituted Acrylamide Syhthesis26-30
P.Yu. Fedorova, E.A. Gilvanova, G.E. Aktuganov, and N.G. UsanovIsolation and Properties of Cyclodextringlucanotransferase from Paenibacillus ehimensis VKM B-2680D (IB-739) Bacterial Strain31-38
K.V. Makrushin, A.Yu. Arinbasarova, E.V. Lukasheva, A.G. Medentsev, and T.T. BerezovSynthesis of L-Lysine-α-Oxidase by Trichoderma Fungi during Submerged Cultivation39-44
A.V. Timofeeva, O.A. Lapchinskaya, E.A. Stepashkina, E.G. Gladkikh, V.V. Pogozheva, L.A. Baratova, and G.S. KatrukhaIsolation of an A-1149 Antibiotic Complex from Producing Strain Culture Broth using Amberlite XAD-2 and Ultradispersed Carbon Sorbent (UDUS)45-51
А.Е. Aghajanyan, A.O. Tsaturyan, A.A. Vardanyan, and A.S. SaghiyanDesalination of L-Valine Fermentation Broth by Electrodialysis through Ion-Exchange Membranes52-57
O.L. Mescheriakova, O.Yu. Bozhko, G.P. Shuvaeva, and O.S. KorneevaImmobilization of β-Fructofuranosidase on a Fibrous Carrier58-62
D.A. Filatov, E.V. Gulaya, L.I. Svarovskaya, and L.K. AltuninaBiodegradation of High-Viscous Oil in a Model Soil System63-70
N.V. BondarenkoControllability of a System of Differential Equations Modeling a Process of Wastewater Biological Decontamination71-73

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