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V.G. Doroshenko, V.A. Livshits, L.G. Airich, I.S. Shmagina, E.A. Savrasova, M.V. Ovsienko, and S.V. MashkoMetabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli for the Production of Phenylalanine and Related Compounds8-27
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D.A. Makarov, T.I. Muraviova, V.N. Stepanenko, V.I. Shvets, and R.S. EsipovOptimization and Scaling of a Laboratory Method for Obtaining of Human Recombinant Thymosin Beta 4 up to Pilot Process35-44
A.R. Ablaev, M.V. Kharina, O.V. Berezina, S.V. Rykov, S.V. Yarotskii, and V.M. EmelianovAssessment of the Efficiency of the Butyric Acid Biosynthesis during Cultivation of Clostridium butyticum and Clostridium tyrobutyricum Bacteria on Media Containing Birch Cuts and Beet Cake Hydrolisates45-54
A.A. Vardanyan, and A.E. AghajanyanOptimization of Technological Parameters of the Process for D-Tryptophane Producing from Racemate by Microbiological Method55-62
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D.A. Filatov, E.B. Krivtsov, N.N. Sviridenko, A.K. Golovko, and L.K. AltuninaMicrobial Oxidation of High-Viscous Oil and its High-Molecular Heteroorganic Compounds in Soil74-82
T.N. Shchemelinina, D.V. Tarabukin, E.M. Anchugova, and M.Yu. MarkarovaEconomical Biofilters for Decontamination of Oil-Polluted Water83-87
V.P. Bessmeltsev, E.P. Goryaev, A.N. Raldugin, V.A. Sluev, N.A. Krivenchuk, A.G. Poltavchenko, A.V. Yorsh, P.V. Filatov, and V.P. SnopkovThe Multiplex Serodiagnosis of Infectious Diseases. The Device for Automatic Filling of Multi-Well Analytical Plates88-96


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