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Yu.G. MaksimovaMicrobial Biofilms in Biotechnological Processes9-23
V.M. Serebrennikov, L.N. Kotova, and A.V. Glazunovα-Acetolactate Oversynthesis from Glucose in a Diacetyl Producer Lactococcus lactis ssp. lactis bv. diacetylactis B2103, a Natural Mutant Deprived of α-Acetolactate Decarboxylase24-38
E.O. Vidyagina, Yu.A. Kovalitskaya, D.S. Loginov, O.V. Koroleva, and K.A. ShestibratovExpression of Xyloglucanase sp-Xeg Gene from Penicillium canescens Accelerates Growth and Rooting in Transgenic Aspen Plants39-47
N.V. Orlova, L.P. Antonova, N.V. Lobanova, A.G. Mosina, and L.V. ErmolinaEffect of Various Additional Components on the Human Recombinant Erythropoietin Production and Sialylation Profile in CHO-Epo-2 Industrial Cell Line48-55
D.O. Egorova, T.I. Gorbunova, M.G. Pervova, and V.A. DemakovBacterial Degradation of a Mixture Obtained as a result of Chemical Modification of Polychlorinated Biphenyls by Polyethylene Glycols56-64
O.I. Klein, N.A. Kulikova, E.V. Stepanova, O.I. Filippova, T.V. Fedorova, L.G. Maloshenok, I.S. Filimonov, and O.V. KorolevaObtaining and Characteristics of Biologically Active Products of Brown Coal Solubilization by White Mold Basidial Fungi65-73
A.G. Poltavchenko, A.V. Уоrsh, S.A. Pyankov, A.M. Nikonov, G.N. Volkov, and N.A. KrivenchukThe Multiplex Serodiagnosis of Infectious Diseases. Tools for Results Accounting74-82
N.V. Senyavina, S.A. Khaustova, D.A. Sakharov, E.A. Tonevitsky, T.K. Grebennik, O.V. Eremina, and A.G. TonevitskyRatios of Concentrations of Purine Metabolites in Pregnant Women Sera83-89


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