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A.Yu. Skorokhodova, A.Yu. Gulevich, A.A. Morzhakova, R.S. Shakulov, and V.G. DebabovMetabolic Engineering of Escherichia coli for Production of Succinic Acid from Glucose8-20
I.G. Andreeva, L.I. Golubeva, and J.I. KatashkinaPutative GalP, XylE and FucP H+-symporters from Pantoea ananatis Are Capable of Glucose Transporting into Escherichia coli Cells21-31
V.S. Dedkov, N.A. Mikhnenkova, Z.K. Djanobilova, and M.V. TarasovaA M.BssECI DNA Methyltransferase Forms 5'-m4CCNNGG-3'. Sensitivity of Restriction Endonucleases to the New Methylation32-42
A.P. Firsov, A.S. Pushin, I.V. Korneeva, and S.V. DolgovTransgenic Tomato Plants as Producers of a Thaumatin II Supersweet Protein43-49
A.V. Petrov, N.V. Pigareva, B.V. Murashev, M.M. Karasev, and A.S. SimbirtsevAdaptation of CHO-K1 Cell Line to Suspension Culturing in Commercial Serum-Free Media50-58
T.N. Gribova, A.N. Kniazev, and A.M. KamionskayaCreation of Oil Rape (Brassica napus) Haploid Plants using Microspore Culture59-65
N.A. Syrova, I.V. Terekhova, N.E. Tereshkina, Z.L. Devdariani, M.N. Isliayeva, A.B. Golova, N.P. Guseva, E.A. Plotnikova, O.A. Volokh, N.M. Ermakov, and M.N. KireevCulturing of Hybridomas Producing Diagnostically Significant Monoclonal Antibodies to Francisella tularensis66-72
O.S. Korovina, D.V. Korneev, G.M. Levagina, M.P. Bogryantseva, and V.I. MasychevaStudies on Physicochemical Properties of a New Preparation of Deltaferon as a Part of a Molecular Construct73-77
L.E. Glagoleva, O.S. Korneeva, G.P. Shuvayeva, and N.S. RodionovaEffect of Xylanase on Adsorption Capacity of Plant Complexes78-79
K.A. Ivanov, D.A. Ivanov, and A.P. RudenkoDesign of Equipment for Growing of Mycelial Microorganisms using Simulation Modeling80-86

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