Russian Journal of Biotechnology Articles archive Archive 2012 N 4 Immobilization of β-Fructofuranosidase on a Fibrous Carrier

Immobilization of β-Fructofuranosidase on a Fibrous Carrier

Автор: O.L. Mescheriakova, O.Yu. Bozhko, G.P. Shuvaeva, and O.S. Korneeva

Страница: 58-62


Immobilization of β-fructofuranosidase on a fibrous Carrier

Biotekhnologiya, 2012, N 4, P. 58-62

UDC 577.152.321

Section:  “Biologicals Technology”


O.L. Mescheriakova 1,  O.Yu. Bozhko 2, *,  G.P. Shuvaeva 2,  and  O.S. Korneeva 2

1  The All-Russian Research Institute of feed industry,  394026, Voronezh Russia

2  The Voronezh State University of Engineering Technology,  394036, Voronezh Russia



An immobilized preparation of β-fructofuranosidase on a FIBAN A-6 fibrous ion-exchanger has been obtained. The optimum concentrations for the enzyme immobilization were selected. It was established that the immobilized preparation displays its maximum activity at pH 4,0 and 70°С. The β-fructofuranosidase retained the starting level of activity when stored for 6 months or used for 5 cycles.


Key words:  activity,  adsorption immobilization,  fibrous anion-exchanger,  β-fructofuranosidase.


The full English version of the article was published in “Biotechnology in Russia”, 2012, Issue 4, pp. 58-62 as O.L. Meshcheriakiva, O.Yu. Bozhko, G.P. Shuvaeva, O.S. Korneeva “Immobilization of β-fructofuranosidase on a fibrous Carrier.

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