Russian Journal of Biotechnology Articles archive Archive 2015 N 2 A Quantitative Assessment of Dot-Immunoanalysis

A Quantitative Assessment of Dot-Immunoanalysis

Автор: A.V. Boiko, O.S. Kuznetsov, M.N. Kireev, P.S. Erokhin, E.A. Mikheeva, and N.A. Osina

Страница: 91-96


A Quantitative Assessment of Dot-Immunoanalysis

Biotekhnologiya, 2015, N 2, P. 91-96

UDC 612.017.1

Section:  “Metrology, Standartization, and Control”


A.V. Boiko *,  O.S. Kuznetsov,  M.N. Kireev,  P.S. Erokhin,  E.A. Mikheeva,  and  N.A. Osina

The Russian Research Antiplague Institute Microbe,  410005, Saratov Russia



A quantitative assessment of the resnlts of dot-immunotest without the application of special equipment has been performed. A specially designed software for the quantitative analysis of digital images of nitrocellulosic membranes after dot-immunoanalysis in combination with a function approximating the dependency of the produced signal on analyte concentration permits to reliably assess this concentration. The differences between the obtained experimental and rated concentration values were statistically insignificant.


Key words:  dot-immunotest.


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