Russian Journal of Biotechnology Articles archive Archive 2014 N 1 Mass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Flow Bioreactor

Mass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Flow Bioreactor

Автор: N.A. Voinov, O.P. Zhukova, and O.N. Lukacheva

Страница: 62-66


Mass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Flow Bioreactor

Biotekhnologiya, 2014, N 1, P. 62-66

UDC 663.14; 636.6.087

Section:  “Processes and Equipment”


N.A. Voinov *,  O.P. Zhukova,  and  O.N. Lukacheva

The State Siberian University of Technology,  660049, Krasnoyarsk Russia



Based on the model of an ideal mixing, mass-transfer coefficients in a working volume of a gas-liquid bioreactor with a turbine mixer have been calculated and experimentally determined. The influence of energy dissipation of input liquid and gas flows on mass-exchange was investigated, and dependencies for the calculation of mass transfer coefficients in an apparatus with a turbine mixer were established.


Key words:  bubbling,  dissipation of energy,  mass transfer coefficient,  power,  turbine mixer.


The full English version of the article was published in “Biotechnology in Russia”, 2014, Issue 1, pp. 62-66 as N.A. Voinov, O.P. Zhukova, and Lukacheva “Mass Transfer in Gas-Liquid Flow Bioreactor.

It is contained at the Russian Scientific Electron Library website:


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