Genetika Services Inudstrial Biotechnology

Industrial Biotechnology and Biopharmaceuticals

are the key R&D priorities of Genetika

Product Focus in Industrial Biotechnology
Microbial primary and secondary metabolites (aminoacids, nucleosides, vitamins, carotenoids, insecticides, etc.);
• Chemicals from renewable sources (carboxylic organic acids, butanol);
• Food and feed enzymes (phytase, amylase, protease, lipase);
• Biocatalysts for organic synthesis (nitrile and amide converting enzymes, acylase);
• New materials (spider silk).

Biopharmaceuticals Development

On the basis of different expression systems (bacteria, yeast and mammalian cell), and using our knowledge in protein folding, post translational modification and secretion we develop processes for recovery of therapeutic proteins and their prolonged forms for pre-clinical and clinical trials.

Product Focus 
Therapeutic proteins (interferons and interleukins, erythropoietin, G-CSF, albumin, recombinant proteins of prolonged effect);
• Antibodies (monoclonal and polyclonal, assay development and diagnostics, cancer markers);
• Special CHO cell lines for bioprocess development of therapeutic protein production in protein-free medium;
• Digestive aid enzymes;
• Biosynthetic small molecules.